Soy Is Real, and Knaladeus met roughly in 07-08 in the Orlando Hip Hop Scene (The Ozone). Soy had already been making his rounds in beat battles and as a B-boy while also being an emcee. While Knaladeus was frequenting open mics in downtown, freestyling and performing songs, sharpening his craft as a producer as well. Soy and Knaladeus have previously collaborated over the years on Knaladeus's solo albums.
A collab album between the two never officially happened. So around 2021 Soy and Knaladeus decided to finally start on one, which birthed the group "Beanies & Snapbacks". Naturally Soy Is Real is known for his signature beanie, while Knaladeus tends to rock Snapbacks. For fans of Boom bap, soul samples and lyricism we hope you enjoy this album! 
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