Meet the CEO, Knaladeus. Emcee, Producer, Engineer and Creative. Hailing from Harrisburg, PA now calling Orlando home, Knaladeus brings genuine/sincere music. Conveying his lyrics from more of an introspective fashion. He was first introduced to music through his father. Ranging from soul, funk, jazz, salsa and the origins of Hip Hop. He strives to bring forth music that speaks of both his musical and spiritual influence, Knaladeus's productions credits include: Freddie Bruno of Deep Space 5, Stefanotto, Andrew Ramos, Eons D, Timothy Brindle, Madd Illz, Datin, etc.

Knaladeus has also collaborated on songs with: Braille, Playdough or Deep Space 5, Datin, Deraj, Jerrell Johnson, JusThoughtz, DJ Aslan, Stefanotto and Hazakim. With 15+ years of music experience and 5 full length albums under his belt, Knaladeus has developed a work ethic of quality and content filled music.
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